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About Holle
Bio-Siegel (eco label) of Germany. Product conforms to the EU Organic Farming Regulation. Manufacturing systems and products satisfy EU Organic Regulations. Product of biodynamic agriculture, the oldest traditional organic certification in Europe and the highest grade of organic farming in the world.

In 1933, the company Holle was established as a manufacturer of organic baby food products. Since the beginning, all chemical and production preservatives have been removed without compromise. Holle is based on the Swiss - German border. For the last 35 years, Holle Baby Food has been sold throughout Switzerland and Europe (in health food shops, pharmacies, and organic retailers).

The production of infant milk formula and grain products takes place in Germany. The baby food products are produced in Switzerland. Our production areas follow the newest technology, demands and certification (ISO). These standards are implemented in the preparation of the formula and in the cereal meals containing grain that originates mainly from German organic farms (certified organics), all of which are run by farmers who are organically and biologically certified (Demeter). The grain is grown from rich, pesticide-free and herbicide-free soil that has been nourished and prepared organically. The only additional organic ingredients from overseas are rice from Italy and millet from Hungary.

To benefit your child, we only choose carefully selected Demeter grain from organic farmers with whom we have had a close working relationship for many years.

The full cream milk used for infant formula originally comes from Allgäu (the Southern German alps) and from Austria. In our jar food selection we use specific organic vegetables, fruit and meat from organic or Demeter farms. The resulting product is one of naturally grown ingredients being especially beneficial for infants and small children.

Our Quality
The ingredients used in our baby food range come from bio-dynamic or organic agriculture.

This means:

  • a natural cycle of cultivation without exploiting animals, soil or the environment 
  • quality not quantity 
  • variety instead of monoculture 
  • animals kept in their natural environment 
  • the use of animal hormones and growth regulators are rejected 
  • natural compost instead of artificial fertilizers 
  • all chemical plant and insect protection agents are rejected 
  • no chemical additives during processing/treatment such as for example, preservatives

For every infant food, the following applies:

  • no ingredients made from gene technology, guaranteed 
  • no added crystallized sugar 
  • no added table salt 
  • no added aromas, colours or preservatives 

Analysis for Acrylamide in Holle Baby Food Range

During the structure of our quality controls, the Holle Demeter Baby grain porridge range and the Holle Organic Infant Formula 1 and Holle Organic Follow-On Formula 2 were analysed for acrylamide. In all products, acrylamide could not be found. The results lie below the limit of evidence for 10 micrograms/kg.

The analysis was conducted by a recognized institute in Berlin, which had developed a valid method of analyzing for proof of acrylamide.

The unique Demeter Quality

Whenever possible, our baby foods are made of Demeter raw goods.

Demeter is the name of the Greek fertility goddess and the protected trademark for products which have been grown following organic, bio-dynamic agricultural methods.

Only recognized products which meet the strict and continuing quality criteria of certified, organic and bio-dynamic farming, can carry the 'Demeter' label. Beyond the criteria of organic farming, the Demeter farmer makes allowances for the addition of specific types of unique plants and animals.

The Demeter farmer views a farm as a live organism of natural cycles. Food for the animals originates predominantly from own paddocks and fields. A part of every Demeter farm is owning and caring for the livestock.

Their dung is composted and is mixed with special organic ingredients such as medicinal herbs. This is then sprayed onto the fields. Ingredients develop energy consisting of strength and vitality, similar to that of homeopathic medicine. This is how the ground is supported and looked after. The growth of seeds is a result of the biological rhythm of the particular plant.

Independent research findings show that the ground lives and becomes more fertile from year to year. This is unique to organic farming.

The ripe fruit contains a maximum amount of natural essential energy and vitality. This is how naturally grown food provides growth and strength, which is especially important for infants and small children.